Fram med korsord, sudoku, dataspel, komplicerade stickmönster, memory spel, språkstudier…..
”The recent progresses in neuroscience demonstrate that learning
is not confined only to younger generations and to persons
with a mindat full capacity, but that it can be implemented in

all stages of life with equal effectiveness; and, most important,
that a continuous learning activity contributes to increase neuronal
regeneration and to avoid the effects of ageing.
A specific mental training can improve motor and sensory representations
in the cortex, fostering the signal transmission
restitute effectiveness to the neuronal connections. An uninterrumpted
and constant mental activity constitutes an important
factor in delaying the arise of neurodegenerative diseases like
Alzheimer’s. A deeper understanding of the brain appears highly
relevant to education: understanding how the brain works in
the elderly can help us in developing methods of teaching and
learning more effective and appropriate for different ages and
to keep people active throughout life”av Eleonora Guglielman, PhD,
University Roma Tre, Italy

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